Dante Park

I was setting up at Lincoln Center (after midnight) and got booted so I took these shots across the street at the small park across the street. This was a couple weeks ago before the spring leaves came in.

Yesterday, I watched the movie, Fair Game, which is a not very fictionalized account of the Valerie Plame affair. I’m both amused and disgusted with reviews in various places that say the movie is complete fiction and the reviewers trot out all the fake GOP talking points (i.e., Plame was a CIA secretary) and rant about how anything with Sean Penn isn’t worth watching because he is obviously a communist.

Anyway, Ms. Plame in the DVD commentary says at one point: “Look at that! Great shot. Whole lotta nothin.'” She’s talking about a desert shot in the film but for a second, I felt a little vindicated in my aesthetic.

Night Daffodils

The early blooms are out of course and I locked myself out of my apartment the other night but I had my camera and there wasn’t much wind so I fired off some (ha, 10+ second exposures) night shots. We’re getting hit by that massive rainstorm so a lot of these yellow friends will be trashed already. More bloomin’ to come.

Fall Into Winter

I have neglected the blog the blog for a while and I apologize. Before fall definitely changed into winter I took a few tree shots. I also have a few blizzard shots that I’ll upload very soon… and that Philly post will probably come out in the Spring because the photos are kind of summery and the snow is still falling. Stay tuned for a different kind of happy announcement!

Driftwood Roots of Cape Henry

I went to Cape Henry near Virginia Beach last week for a small family reunion of aunts and uncles and cousins on my mom’s side of the family. (My last post on sleeping at the airport was a fitting postscript to the drive down there. It’s a mistake to drive through Virginia on I-95 if you’re going to be there anywhere near rush hour.) There was nothing better to do one afternoon except stroll on the beach and shoot driftwood. I like driftwood because it’s one of the most common examples of beautiful decomposition. Another gallery of nondriftwood from this trip will posted soon.

The Winter Trees Gallery

I’ve always liked trees. I remember freaking out a little bit as a kid when Smokey the Bear told me trees can’t run from forest fires. Later it occurred to me that trees are the nerve endings of the planet. Leafless trees in the winter have as much character to me as they do with full foliage and fall colors. I give quiet thanks to the tree gods whenever I burn some wood in a fire or a stove. You could say I’m something of a treehugger. If I was really ambitious, I would’ve recorded all the trees and camera spots and taken shots during all four seasons — I do sort of know where some of them are. These trees are in Williamburg, East Village, Upper West Side, and Riverside Park.

In college, I was a prolific music critic but I got disillusioned with the music business at an early postgraduate stage. To get back to more music advocacy, I have loaded the Grooveshark plug-in which allows me to add a music player to posts. My first installment here has a couple songs from the San Francisco space-lounge act called Tipsy. Enjoy!