Dante Park

I was setting up at Lincoln Center (after midnight) and got booted so I took these shots across the street at the small park across the street. This was a couple weeks ago before the spring leaves came in.

Yesterday, I watched the movie, Fair Game, which is a not very fictionalized account of the Valerie Plame affair. I’m both amused and disgusted with reviews in various places that say the movie is complete fiction and the reviewers trot out all the fake GOP talking points (i.e., Plame was a CIA secretary) and rant about how anything with Sean Penn isn’t worth watching because he is obviously a communist.

Anyway, Ms. Plame in the DVD commentary says at one point: “Look at that! Great shot. Whole lotta nothin.'” She’s talking about a desert shot in the film but for a second, I felt a little vindicated in my aesthetic.