Back In Some Sort of Saddle

Well, I lost my old camera but now I have a new one but I haven’t been using it much. Great! Have a couple recent ones.

As I recall, this is Meade’s — near South Street Seaport.

Greg Cartwright of The Oblivians (and Reigning Sound) bashing it out on a stormy night at South Street Seaport.

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Other People’s Bikes

Most of these shots are my bike but I hope to add more anonymous yet beloved bikes from the streets of New York.

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Grant’s Tomb at Dusk

I went to see a Jazzmobile show at Grant’s Tomb a couple weeks ago and hung around for a bit afterwards.

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Another Hot July Night on the Hudson

These shots complement the ones from the other night. I shot the remaining sculptures from the Art Students League M2M Project and I added a few shots taken around the area where the frontispiece for my show last year was taken.

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July Night Photos

Have some more photos! A few shots in the Hudson/Riverside Park series below feature sculptures from the Art Students League Model to Monument project.

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Some Summer Shots

Enjoy some summer shots. I haven’t been shooting a lot lately and it shows.

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Rock Paper Scissors Fucked, Married, or Killed

I have to admit this was pretty funny.

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You Lost Me At What

This is for the guy who asked me to further explain my blog to him after I said “It’s just a stupid blog.”

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Spring Dump 2012

I don’t have much to say about this dump except that it was hard to edit it down to 20 crappy photos from 80 crappy photos.

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Springy Stuff

I miss doing the Lunch Wire.

Also I’m so glad we’re living in a police state where no one will ever break the law unless they know what is ironic and what is not.

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Photo Dump, Winter 2012

Hey kids, Here are some photos taken over the last few weeks. Mostly featured here are late-night shots of Madison Square Park and a couple of Hoboken. My next set should have some flowers.

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Notes on Patriotism

First of all, look up Emma Goldman’s screed about patriotism and give it a gander if you never have.

Yesterday morning, WNYC’s “The Take Away” had a whole segment about whether you/we are proud to be Americans… based on something Tim Geithner said last week: that the way to be patriotic is to pay your taxes.

I listened for a half hour to a far right immigrant and a centerish think tank dude talk about how great it is to be an American. I totally agreed with them for the most part but there were barely any caveats. Of course it’s great for a number of reasons I don’t have to get into. I had to turn it off because of what was not being acknowledged in a very direct manner: Of all the [Western] countries that we helped after World War II, the good ol’ U.S.A. ranks LAST in all sorts of categories. My point is that if you’re really patriotic, you need to stop cheerleading for the U.S. and work to make it better. At the very least, point it out so the public is aware this all could be better.

Occupy Wall Street and other forums are sure to raise these issues as soon as Spring starts and/or the movie comes out. If NPR wants to live up to the liberal windbag status that Andrew Breitbart gave it, instead of fawning over his legacy with little criticism, they should be covering Tim Geithner’s ties to Wall Street and the free pass he usually gets from the press. They could also do a story about why Reporters Without Borders ranks the U.S. 47th in its “freedom of the press” index.

These are complex issues and I’m sure 2012 will be great year for the movies.

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