Mr. Airplane Man Returns to New York

(Happy Thanksgiving! I’ve decided to step back a bit from my social media presence on Facebook so to that end, I’ll try to update this blog more often and will add more photos eventually. The art photo thing is sort of on a long hiatus, derp. Also, I recently found out my Dad back home fell earlier today and sustained a rather serious injury so he is certainly in my thoughts.)

My friends Mr. Airplane Man (Margaret Garrett and Tara McManus Hubbard) have reformed and will be playing a pair of gigs in Boston and New York (Brooklyn) in two weeks! These rockin’ ladies played two gigs at the Ding Dong Lounge during its heyday in the early mid-2000s which I had a hand in producing. Tara asked me to DJ their appearance at Hank’s on Dec. 13 but it turns out they don’t have any sort of a DJ booth–not even a laptop hookup.  I’ll be there rocking out! Anyway, enjoy some media. I hope to see any of my (five) readers at the show!

Here’s a video ot them doing a few songs from their last release, C’mon DJ.

Here’s the official flyer:



And this is a quickie flyer I made when I thought I would be DJing the show…

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Funny Old Fogey Joke

I ordered a jack and ginger just now and when the bartender brought it over, she popped in a lemon wedge and said “That’s Eric and now it’s Cream.” Get it? Never mind.

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Two from Jacksonville

Bam kids, like the post says: #jacksonville #art #staugustine

IMG_0574 IMG_0489

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A Few Recent Photos

Here are a few recent photos. I lost another camera a few weeks ago, dang. I still have a Canon G15. I’m looking into getting a decent SLR kit. Any suggestions?

I posted some photos of today’s Climate March over at the vegan site I manage.

I will be producing a reunion show from Mr. Airplane Man this December in Brooklyn! Stay tuned…

E 86 St

Supermoon Sept 2014

Supermoon Sept 2014a

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A Bit of California

I had a nice visit to Los Angeles a couple weeks ago that included a Dodger game, travel town, and a short winery tour through the Ojai valley.

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Spring 2014, Riverside Park

Hey kids, it’s been a while since I came at ya (Anchower stylee). Here are some photos I took in Riverside Park in late April of the blooming trees and a few tulips and stuff. Enjoy! I’m heading out to California for a few days and hope to have more pictures up soon!

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Back In Some Sort of Saddle

Well, I lost my old camera but now I have a new one but I haven’t been using it much. Great! Have a couple recent ones.

As I recall, this is Meade’s — near South Street Seaport.

Greg Cartwright of The Oblivians (and Reigning Sound) bashing it out on a stormy night at South Street Seaport.

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Other People’s Bikes

Most of these shots are my bike but I hope to add more anonymous yet beloved bikes from the streets of New York.

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Grant’s Tomb at Dusk

I went to see a Jazzmobile show at Grant’s Tomb a couple weeks ago and hung around for a bit afterwards.

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Another Hot July Night on the Hudson

These shots complement the ones from the other night. I shot the remaining sculptures from the Art Students League M2M Project and I added a few shots taken around the area where the frontispiece for my show last year was taken.

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July Night Photos

Have some more photos! A few shots in the Hudson/Riverside Park series below feature sculptures from the Art Students League Model to Monument project.

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Some Summer Shots

Enjoy some summer shots. I haven’t been shooting a lot lately and it shows.

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