Eat Eggs, Don’t Throw Them

The Commerce Bank near me is now TD Bank. (What does that mean? To Do Bank?) Overnight they changed the entire color scheme from red, white, and blue to green and white. It looks less like Las Vegas at least. The diner near me used to called Happy Donuts. Things change.

Ok, I’m at the diner. A nice old lady sat next to me at the counter and ordered a scrambled egg sandwich and a carrot/celery juice. Very healthy.

She saw I was reading The New Yorker and asked, “What are they saying about the election?” Instead of saying what I wanted to say — “What election?” — I said, “This is an old issue,” which was true.

“Do you know if they endorsed someone?”


“REALLY??!? I know New York magazine endorsed Obama but The New Yorker?!?” Granny from another planet.

“He’ll be a fine president.”

“I don’t know…”, she said with a quaver in her voice.

Wow. I broke eggs with the only Republican on the Upper West Side on Halloween.

Later in the day, I saw a kid dressed up in a gray ice cream cone. He sported a sign: Hurricane Katrina. Who dresses up as one of the most destructive forces in nature? What will he be when he grows up?

I’m just wearing a wig and some funny clothes tonight. Abbie the Yippie. Hugh the dude.

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