Music Photos from 2015

... And we're back! We will dispatch the usual excuse and just say sorry again it's been so long. I will try and post more often! Below are some photos from 2015. These are heavily edited down from several dozen photos I took last year. The captions tell you what you need to know. I did not attend Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival in 2016. I hope to make it next year! Michael Daves currently hosts a Monday Bluegrass Jam at Rockwood Music Hall (NYC). The Bang on a Can Marathon did not happen in 2016. They lost their venue at the World Financial Center (NYC). They should have a new venue in 2017. David Luther plays keyboards and saxophone with Meat Loaf! I am proud to call him a friend having met him at Ding Dong Lounge around ten years when we were both DJing. More photos (not just music!) from 2015 and 2016 soon!

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