There was a white cat named Mummy hanging out at the Ding Dong for the past couple of weeks. She was running in and out of the bar the other night, between people’s legs and out under parked cars. I said, “Someone should put her in or she’s gonna get hit by a car.”

You know what’s coming… I was leaving and I saw Mummy across the street and up about 40 feet. I ran over and called to her but before I could get to her she darted in front of an oncoming SUV which didn’t even attempt to hit the brakes. She spilled out behind the back of the car rolling and tumbling. She jerked around the way animals and humans that have broken their necks do. I watched as the spasms died down and the light went out of her eyes and carried her to the curb.

I haven’t been able to get that image out of my head for the past few days. When you witness a violent death, you can’t help but feel something is wrong. And I had foreseen it.

On this Memorial Day, let’s remember the soldiers who went ahead despite the warnings fighting what we always assume is the good fight. If their deaths were witnessed, let’s hope the living can somehow find peace in their heads. Let’s remember the soldiers out there now who as Josh says, are becoming increasingly invisible.

I knew the Iraq project was going to be a disaster before it started and almost nobody listened to me then either.

Update: And his name shall be Assrocket.

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