This Thing On?

Still here! Some big changes! First, we’ve moved to upstate New York in the Round Top area (near Cairo and Catskill). We still have a spot in NYC and are considering a sublet. Second, I’m just finishing up a term of graphic design with Shillington. I hope to really start using my website domain(s) to help promote that.

Gosh, the newer version of WordPress is so cool with block editing! I have to get up to speed on that. Have a photo from the area!

High Falls Road, Catskill
Water falls as seen from High Falls Road, Catskill.

A New Smorgasbord

Once again, it’s been a while! Here are some shots from 2016 and 2017. Nothing fancy! I’m getting a new camera soon as my last one was stolen from a bar a few months ago. Not the first camera I’ve lost — but I will definitely keep a better eye on my next one. I downloaded the WordPress app for my phone but it always has problems uploading phone photos. Once I get that sorted I hope to post more random phone shots.