Sleigh Bells at LePoisson Rouge

Alexis of Sleigh Bells at Le Poisson Rouge, 9.30.09
Alexis of Sleigh Bells

Sundelles, LPR, 9.30.09

It’s really hard to take good concert photos with a crappy camera (duh) but I tried. Last night I saw Sleigh Bells, the Sundelles, and Orphan at Le Poisson Rouge based on a tipoff from This Recording. I’d seen Orphan open for Nebula at the Knitting Factory around a year ago so I was curious to see if they’ve evolved…. more abrasive than ever if that’s your thing. The drummer, Speck Brown, is hypnotic while the bass dude is still turning it up way past 11. The Sundelles are pleasant indie rock while Sleigh Bells were completely amazing. A band to watch out for!