Richard’s Forewards

A cousin in California has been sending out forewarded emails from the internet and other friends of his for years of left news, opinion, and commentary. Some of it leans libertarian, some leans socialist, and some might reflect a conservative talking point in good light. Friends reading his emails knew the Iraq invasion would stir up a hornet’s nest, that the Bush administration was screwing the U.S. and the world up on a daily basis, and we heard Roubini forecasting the economic collapse early in 2008. I have encouraged Richard to start his own blog and post his own gleenings and commentary from the internet himself but he is content with his small but loyal mailing list.

So instead of letting most of his emails lie fallow in my in-box, I will occasionally be forewarding Richard’s forewards here with links and synopsis or maybe just a headline. Feel free to discuss anything posted here below or at the sources.

  • It’s Time to Break up the Big Banks. Richard Whitney on bank nationalization and “soaking the taxpayer.”
  • A Pandemic of Economic Violence. Michael Klare claims we’re “A Planet on the Brink.”
  • Iran and the IAEA. Gordon Prather on the marginalization of the IAEA and the U.N.
  • Continued Military Occupation in Iraq. A socialist critique.
  • Irish kids everywhere (again).