A Year of More BS

blue post, nyc subway

Tom Engelhardt and Nick Turse put together a sobering top ten of things to watch for in 2010. One jerk makes going to the airport that much worse for millions of people and forces the U.S. to open another propaganda-plus (more foreign aid and saber-rattling) front in Yemen. I am bewildered at the machinations of empire that fail to learn from history. We’re spending more on war, defense, guns, and killing people (whatever you want to call the military) than the next 25 countries combined. Are we a nation of peace or are we becoming the evil we deplore?

… only diamonds are forever. Sooner or later, like great imperial powers of the past, we, too, will find that the stress of fighting a continuous string of wars in distant lands in inhospitable climes tells on us. Whether we “win” or not in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and now Yemen, we lose.