If It’s Spring, We Can Cozy Up With Them

Identify this flower, feel good for a minute.

A friend loaned me a camera! Haven’t used it yet… this is still old stuff.

Just some links to follow up on yesterday’s weirdness… Wolcott on Men Evolving Badly. I know what he’s on about but I am Superman, Underdog, and Spiderman all rolled into one. Just because I don’t blog about that part of my life doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Gosh, I know who Ayn Rand is.

I usually like Michael Pollan’s writing a lot but in the Sunday Times, he wastes a lot of space excusing poor leadership and encouraging us all to plant our own vegetable gardens because it’ll feel good. I’ll be looking at more of the green coverage coming out these days but the Me Decade was the 80s. This needs to be the Earth Century.

Hillary Clinton used to be very impressive. She just ran a horrible campaign.