Astroland Not Dead Yet

Last shots of Astroland? Maybe not.

So the world got a little less fun last weekend. Except now, Mayor Mikey is trying to negotiate another year-long extension… and then rezoning? It still stinks of inevitability… like in those Hollywood rescue movies where the trapped survivors wonder if it’s worth trying to stay alive, and the scriptwriters in their infinite sense of lesson-giving fatalism have a bunch more people die before the end anyway.

Have you ever had a housefly infestation? Maybe your cat left a dead mouse behind a desk. Maybe something died in your basement and/or your landlord knocked a hole in a wall to mess with the plumbing. Not fun at all.  Well, Thor Equities knocked a hole in the universe to mess with all the fun plumbing and now all the house Disneys are flying in. Fly paper works pretty good on all that stuff.