Let’s Watch a Movie

I rewatched the movie Them! which I probably haven’t seen since I was a kid. For a 50s B-sci-fi flick, Them! rocks! Some cliches of Hollywood and lessons in fear-mongering, sexism, and racism were de rigueur. In this first set, the aged scientist schools the Washington idiots on how it’s going down. More pix after the jump.

Them! watching a movie

Them! watching a movie

Them! watching a movie

Them! radio announcement
Serious business

Them! panic um ensues
Note the movie playing at the cinema: SAILORS AND A GIRL

Them! The ladies hear about it
The girls and their delicious salads can wait.

Them! Even at the barber shop
Shoeshine boy doesn’t have to work when it’s serious business.

Them! TVOD
I just stick the aerial into my skin. TVOD.

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