Fixer Upper For Sale

The Wall Street Journal reports Obama’s poll numbers are really starting to slip. While this may be true, the MSM’s insistence that this has been true all along is false, partly because MSM coverage of the stimulus has been disingenuous. Obama’s centrist approach will keep him afloat for a little while. So the fringe is starting to fray.

Other stuff from Richard:

  • Chas Freeman’s on his withdrawal from the National Intelligence Council. Discusses the smear machine in front of the Israel lobby. Politico’s Ben Smith comments.
  • CIA reports Israel likely to go the way of South Africa.
  • Naked Capitalism still skeptical about bank behavior. The Japan model is just kicking the can down the road.
  • The left and the right both fascinated that the FBI’s terrorist watch list has hit 1 million. Keeping track of a million terrorists must be pretty easy!
  • Tom Engelhardt gives a history lesson in American imperialism in light of rhetoric over Afghanistan. (very long)

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