Sunday in Williamsburg

vintage motor party 0808

I spent the day in Williamsburg with the first part at a motorcycle party (which I can’t find any link for), then in line for the Yo La Tengo show which sucked even though I wasn’t there. My friend Eva left the line and went home and then I left the line. Then I heard later that yes, YLT played a mostly slow Mint Julep set. Was at Iona for a sour IPA where I watched some Olympic volleyball–Brazil and someone else. I think Brazil lost. The Olympics are such an anomaly in this modern world. (I hope Naomi Klein was there.) Another post on that maybe but then I never watched these athletes until today. On a lark, I ran into an old friend who told me there was free show at the Williamsburg Hall of Music so I went. The music sucked but I’m glad I went as I got a free “distressed” hipster t-shirt and met an old regular from the Ding Dong Lounge.

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