“Get your stinkin paws off me…”

Hello everybody! This blog is a continuation of my blog on myspace. The restrictions of myspace got rather tiresome… so here I am. I’ll be adding stuff over the next few weeks.

Hazard marker in the rocks, Hudson River
Danger: slippery rocks

Charlton Heston: Man or Ape? I mean… Man or God? I credit him with turning me onto science fiction and partly making me the nerd I am today. His movies dealt with serious issues. What if apes evolved and enslaved humans? What if we started making food out of dead people? What if a strange disease wiped out almost everyone? Hey, it could happen. His movies dealt preposterously yet frankly with race issues like Star Trek did. Then he jumped the shark when he played Moses in the Ten Commandments. That’s when I sort of discovered him and John Wayne to be the Ted Nugents and Chuck Norrises of my parents’ generation. Ah well. It takes all kinds — even rugged individual types floundering for meaning in their own mythologies. Rest in peace, CH.

I’m going to do my laundry and then try to work the internet by clicking on stuff.