Going Back to Cali

Another friend from California is moving back on Wednesday. I’m the only one I know who ever stayed in New York. I may have to move back myself if I can’t find steady work soon. I could sublet my apartment and focus on better Photoshop! And better website design! Still, it’s quite the letdown to have to move back in with your parents. I can blame the recession but plenty of people are getting by fine and thriving. Sigh.


Pedestrian subway tunnel turned sideways

Rolling out old photos. It’s too cold. It hasn’t gone over 25° F for a few days and the stiff breeze hasn’t let up for most of that time and everyone can agree that wind chill is a bitch. Why is just wind chill and not chill index like its summery step-sister, the heat index? A simple case of euphony.

A few more of my friends checked in and I really do have reasons to be thankful. Two had a parent die Christmas week and another went into the hospital for a second back surgery after a whole year of being in and out the hospital. Prayers are with them and knock on head.

I signed up for oDesk early last year and was discouraged at the low rates being offered for a lot of the work. I’m giving it another try as I realized it’s the sort of thing where you have to start low and once your reputation is established, you can charge more. Also it’s the global market place. I’ll be posting these buttons in better spots after I’ve taken a few more tests. Hire me!