Radio Woodstock Prompt

Hello! I was listening to the radio yesterday and WDST (Radio Woodstock) has a daytime DJ named Aja and she does a thing called the Lunch Lounge. This is where a theme is chosen and then listeners can make requests either through their facebook page or email. Well, the theme yesterday was Rock – Paper – Scissors! They don’t have an archive or a playlist although they might on Facebook — not gonna look. She played songs like AWB’s “Cut the Cake” and “Rock Lobster.”

Anyway, I took it as a sign to get this sloggy bloggy blog going again! It was kaput for a long time but lo and behold, I had a backup and the restore process worked. I’m going to do a long post soon about Round Top, NY which is where we live now. In the meantime, yes, it has been snowing recently.

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