Blizzard Pix Are So February

After taking these pictures at Straus Park (not the fire escape ones), I sat in a bar with a million TVs and there was nothing but snow news: talking to plowers, motorists, sledding kids, moms at the shopping mall and why the hell are they at the shopping mall, and mayors talking about how many plows are out there. You’d think we’ve never seen snow and that plowers fly south when bad weather comes. Two websites I looked at recently:

  • A fantastic archive of American photography focusing on California suburbia.
  • Go on chatroulette and see if someone pays attention to you for more than a second. Probably helps if you’re a girl.

Update (Feb. 28, 2010): Added 19 more pix (after the first six) to this gallery taken during the next two snow blizzards of Feb. 16 and Feb. 25-27.

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