Hanging with the Janitor in a Drum® (or on the Moon)

Brooklyn Public School hallway

I always thought that name for a product to be workist. It’s not exactly world peace in a mason jar. Anyway, note the boom box on the floor and the garbage bucket: janitor in the house.

A friend alerted me to NASA bombing the moon early Friday morning which seems like a bad idea. (They’re calling it a “probe” but actually the “plume” will be analyzed, not any box shot into the moon.) The Apollo project gave us computers and miniaturization but the benefits of space exploration via bombing feel ludicrous at this time. The moon is much smaller than Earth, perhaps a lot more delicate, and not volcanically active. The Three Gorges Dam is thought to have slowed the Earth’s rotation by a couple microseconds. NASA says they’re looking for water but they must be looking for other mineral resources as well. What if the moon comes crashing down on us (in 2012 or 2250)?

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