Tunneling and Landscaping

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One thing about tunnels is that to see the light at the end of them, you have to build them before you get to experience the darkness and wonder about the light at the end. If it’s a pedestrian tunnel as part of a bridge and landscaping project, it was an afterthought and there was some extra money lying around. (This is part of the Riverside Drive viaduct over 125th Street built around 1900. Before this, Riverside Drive ended at a cul-de-sac next to Grant’s Tomb. Now you know!)

I haven’t done one of these in a while so the first links are over a week old but of course they’re worth putting in the record. More links than you can shake a Chinese puzzle stick at are after the jump!

  • Greg Palast takes a shot at Steve Rattner, Obama’s car czar overseeing GM’s bankruptcy machinations. Bankers trump.
  • Glenn Greenwald says that Obama is seeking greater powers of state secrecy than even George Bush had.
  • Obama to build giant expensive colonial fortress/embassy in Pakistan mimicking the one in Iraq.
  • Obama: a change artist? That’s what Nader called him before the election.
  • Apparently, only CNBC covered Chinese students laughing at Tim Geithner’s comments on Chinese assets.
  • China will likely be speaking softly and carrying a big stick, Niall Ferguson worries.
  • Bigger collapse coming? The economic policy journal also worries.
  • Paul Craig Roberts is even MORE alarmist if you can believe it.
  • Auschwitz survivor: I can identify with Palestinian youth.
  • Obama okays blowing up mountain tops for coal.
  • A rising tide of suicides as economic woes and foreclosures continue.
  • Many bankruptcies due to healthcare costs. A favorite statistic of mine resurfaces: U.S. health outcomes rank 37th in the world.
  • With Democrats like Obama, who needs dictators? Cartoonist Ted Rall rants.
  • The detainment camp Obama didn’t mention in his Cairo speech.
  • Interesting: Stock market jumps the day GM declares bankruptcy.
  • Hiding the rotten sausage: Banks are likely still overvaluing their assets.
  • Noam Chomsky writes on what Obama didn’t say in his Cairo speech and how it reflects actual Mideast policy.
  • Lots of people are still dancing around the “T” word. Glenn Greenwald again…
  • A Canadian debunks myths about the Canadian healthcare system.
  • Even Bloomberg News says banks are overvaluing assets and are still bamboozling investors and taxpayers.
  • More than you wanted to know about how torture policy has always been don’t ask, don’t tell.
  • Profits still king in U.S. healthcare business.

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