Bang on Cans, Pots, and Pans

Here’s where I encourage all new music enthusiasts to come down to the World Financial Center tomorrow, May 31st, for the Bang on a Can marathon. Among the opening acts will be Dither shown below playing at the New Music Bakesale and Andy Akiho who I saw perform at the beginning of the month at the Manhattan School of Music. I thought I had shots of Terry Riley performing with the Bang on a Can Allstars but I can’t find them. Here’s a handy YouTube library of many of the acts performing.

Dither Quartet

R. Stevie Moore
This is R. Stevie Moore performing in Brooklyn.
He won’t be performing at the marathon but he should be.

Still Life, Jia Zhangke
And finally, a still life from the movie, Still Life by Jia Zhangke — could be my brain on new music.

2 thoughts on “Bang on Cans, Pots, and Pans”

  1. Hey!

    My roommate Elliot is currently in NYC doing sound for Tortoise. He’s been their sound guy for the past few years and is one of the nicest, funniest people on the planet. Feel free to say hello to the long-haired dude if you feel like it. Don’t be shy. He’s awesome and will tell you tour stories.

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