Firehose Check

I know it’s not my job but I thought I’d check on the firehoses in my work building. In case there’s a fire, you want to be able to put that shit out without a lot of bipartisan posturing.

Firehose 1 – slightly experimented with. Broken alarm box.

Firehose 2 – overzealous cinch knotting. otherwise ok.

Firehose 3 – used once at 1998 christmas party. still workable.

Firehose 4 – now that, my friends, is a fireshose we can believe in.

Firehose 5 – firehose has some identity issues, nothing some water in the veins won’t fix.

Firehose 6 – one tall firehose toyed with by a local fireman.

This concludes my firehose check.

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